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02:44 Kansas City Fighting Alliance
04:44 Dynasty Combat Sports
06:13 Bangkok Fight Night - Season 2
07:36 Kansas City Fighting Alliance
09:39 Midwest Championship Fighting
10:00 TNA Wrestling - Final Resolution
12:49 Dynasty Combat Sports
13:35 Midwest Championship Fighting
14:00 Bangkok Fight Night - Season 2
16:20 Dynasty Combat Sports
16:45 Midwest Championship Fighting

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Kansas City Fighting Alliance 21

Mixed Marital Arts

Bangkok Fight Night - Season 2

Located in the impressive MBK Center in the heart of the Bangkok shopping district, thousands flock to witness the incredible Muay Thai events put on by Bangkok Fight Night every week. The combination of the unique location, hard hitting action and curious onlookers make Bangkok Fight Night an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss the "Science of the Eight Limbs" direct from Thailand!

TNA Wrestling - Turning Point

Experience the TNA IMPACT WRESTLING 2012 & 2013 World Tour featuring the best wrestlers

Queensbury Boxing League - Pride & Glory

The Queensbury Boxing League was developed by former boxing champion Ross Minter and Alan Foley to create a dynamic new boxing organisation within the UK. Offering fighters the chance to compete and test their abilities, the Queensbury Boxing League is one of the most exciting platforms boxing has seen ! The league has rapidly developed into the most talked about boxing events in the country, attracting sell-out crowds to every event. With the league’s exciting fighter ranking system, boxers compete for position on the league table in every weight category, seeking a coveted Queensbury title belt. Fighters are matched on ability, ensuring that every fight within a Queensbury ring is an experience not to be missed !