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03:55 My Fitness Coach
05:21 Fitness ZoNe
06:23 Silvia Personal Trainer
06:57 My Fitness Coach
07:46 Silvia Personal Trainer
08:11 My Fitness Coach
11:11 Fitness ZoNe
12:06 My Fitness Coach
12:53 Silvia Personal Trainer
13:32 Fitness ZoNe
14:34 My Fitness Coach

Top programs

Silvia Personal Trainer

Intermediate/Advanced fitness exercises with Silvia.

Fitness Tips

A collection of fitness & yoga tips to help you feel better, with easy exercises you can do every day.

My Fitness Coach

Easy, fast and effective fitness exercises to start the day in a good mood, improve your physical condition and being positive !

Fitness Zone

The well-being program focused on fitness, health, relaxing and related exercises