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01:50 The Vagabond Project
02:00 Cultural Flavours
02:25 Jump on Board - Turkey
02:50 Ocean Safari
03:18 Jump on Board - Greece
03:44 European Discoveries
04:00 The Hostel Life
04:24 Museums of the World
04:52 The Vagabond Project
05:02 Around the World in 80 Islands
05:20 Museums of the World

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Welcome To

With this documentary series you will go on a trip around the world, exploring such diverse destinations as Burma, the Philippines, Greece, India, Italy and La Martinique. This trip will show us the practice of traditional sport in these countries, there culture, and history. This is an opportunity to discover the richness of their traditions.

Around the World in 80 Islands

Come along and discover gorgeous strips of land surrounded by sea and embraced by soft winds and tides. These seas are navigated by boats, canoes, windsurfers… These lands are touched by miracles of nature. Discover protected eco-systems, inhabited sea beds and mysterious marine organisms. A new way to be introduced to different kinds of food and cooking methods. ‘Around the World in 80 Islands’ is a show about adventure, tourism, ecology, sailing, diving, sports and hobbies!

The Hostel Life

The Hostel Life is more than a backpacking adventure. Join the eclectic bunch of open-minded, adventure-seeking travel junkies, looking to spread the word of backpacking and the joys of staying in hostels. Breaking down cultural stereotypes & showing us all how we can see the world for next to nothing. Come Travel with Mehdy and The Hostel Life Crew as they travel around the world on a budget. Discover the true depiction of the countries they visit, breaking down stereotypes all in the hopes to bring the world together.

European Discoveries

Insider's tips to the world's most famous destinations.Focus on european destinations as Milan, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Dublin and many more.

The Vagabond Project

The Vagabond Project is a youth-driven series about eclectic, international travel experiences focused around Gen-Y subcultures such as adventure, art, music, sustainability, architecture, theater, technology, nightlife, food, fashion, bicycles, people and lifestyles. The Vagabond Project is non-critical, apolitical and curates a showcase of positive attributes of a given culture or country. It is The Vagabond Project’s mission to inspire and share the world through new, unconventional perspectives.

World Tour of Martial Arts

An original series, dynamic and rich in information the series takes you on a world tour of the martial arts exploring the links between culture, history of the country and the continent in which each art was born.

Museums of the World

Discover the world's most famous museums.