Program guide

12:32 Ocean Safari
13:00 Jump on Board - Greece
13:26 Jump on Board - Turkey
13:50 World Tour of Martial Arts
14:18 Around the World in 80 Islands
14:36 The Vagabond Project
15:06 The Hostel Life
15:30 Jump on Board - Turkey
15:54 Around the World in 80 Islands
16:12 The Vagabond Project
16:38 Cultural Flavours

Top programs

Around the World in 80 Islands

Come along and discover gorgeous strips of land surrounded by sea and embraced by soft winds and tides. These seas are navigated by boats, canoes, windsurfers… These lands are touched by miracles of nature. Discover protected eco-systems, inhabited sea beds and mysterious marine organisms. A new way to be introduced to different kinds of food and cooking methods. ‘Around the World in 80 Islands’ is a show about adventure, tourism, ecology, sailing, diving, sports and hobbies!

Travel Geek: East Malaysia

Led by legendary explorer and academic, Cyle O’Donnell, the Travel Geek excursions visit more than just a country. Aestheticizing the cultural experience, they explore culinary variety, delve headlong into the history and examine the amazing geography unique to each locale. Professor O’Donnell’s unbridled candor and sense of adventure takes the vicarious audience through the authentic experience of visiting the noncommercial, undiscovered multiplicity that can’t be found on the all-inclusive tourist package. Come along and discover Brunei, Malaysia, Myanmar, Taiwan, the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong & Macau.

Meet Me In Madeira

With gorgeous coastlines, world class venues for nautical sport, and delicious cuisine, Madeira is a veritable sea-side paradise. Experiences only the best that this Portuguese archipelago has to offer, from stand up paddling to wine tasting!

Posh Ports

Posh Ports Montenegro & Madeira is an original series which takes viewers on exclusive tours of the world’s most extraordinary marinas, yacht clubs, and more. Get an inside look at the eco-friendly Quinta do Lorde of Portugal’s Madiera Island and the luxurious Porto Montenegro. Explore the marina and surrounding coastline as we go sailing, diving with dolphins and wakeboarding in the marina.

On The Road

Wanja Mungai takes viewers to three newlocations every week to sample some of Africa’s most interestingdestinations. Sometimes you’re there for shopping, sometimes to eat,other times for festivals, but always to have fun.

Ocean Safari

In this series, meet with South Aftrica’s nautical athletes and personalities, some of which have flourished from an unpromising past and shares their success stories. Motivated by people of the sea, you are introduced to South Africa’s most talented sportsmen. This colourful series will take you to the rainbow nation to meet with sailors, surfers, kite surfers, free Divers, ship pilots and many more. Hop on board with Ocean Safari in South Africa.