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23:07 Xtrem Clips
23:37 Pro Tips
00:00 CSA - Films de sensibilisation
00:01 Clash of the Surfing Titans
00:48 Xtrem Mountain Bike/BMX
01:00 The Bro Tape
01:47 Xtrem Water Sports
02:00 The Pro Tape
02:42 Xtrem Best Of/Others
02:59 CSA - Films de sensibilisation
03:00 Uprising

Top programs

All or Nothing

ALL or Nothing is a self supported project for the love of 2 wheels sports, filmed in the last six months of 2012 in countries such as Sweden, Germany, France, Portugal and Spain… Joining the young spanish talents are some of these sports greatest stars worldwide. The overall focus is on MTB, but also on Trials, BMX and Motorsports.


Alombre est un coup de projecteur sur les parcours singuliers de quatre surfeurs. De leurs origines bien différentes (Tahiti, Martinique, Gironde et Charente-Maritime) à leur passion commune, Tombottomutilise une approche plus sensible du surf et raconte un univers discret qui se révèle dans les Landes... du Médoc.

The Bro Tape

This is a mix tape of surfing underground heroes. The companion film to The Pro Tape. These are the hardworking pro surfers who don’t get enough recognition. In The Bro Tape, these professionals get their due. They might not be the biggest names in the industry, but they still surf great. This is The Bro Tape. Highlights: Kilian Garland steals the show. Perfect waves at a secret spot. Oliver Kurtz and Daniel Graham popping beers and surfing. Bud Frietas and Jesse Colombo getting tubed out of their minds. Just the chance to see these surfers is great.

The Pro Tape

The Pro Tape is a mix tape of surfing professionals. Highlights: Dane Reynolds throws up some huge airs. Tom Curren blends old school power with impeccable style. Bobby Martinez has an extended session of going off wave after wave at Rincon Point. Kelly Slater shows style and form. Yadin Nichols steams through some amazing tubes at Santa Barbara’s own Sandspit. The North Shore of Hawaii puts on a display of raw power at Pipeline. Jaime Obrien settles the score, making it clear he is the best surfer Pipe. Mavericks shines with paddle surfers riding down the face of fifty-foot cold perfection.

Peace & Left III

Hugues Oyarzabal and family traveling and enjoying what mother earth has to offer. A 10 months journey between the basque country, South America and Indonesia.A movie made for the love of freesurfing and from the love of our family.Welcome to the world of Peace and Left 3 !

Chaiyo Premiere Tour

Right after their "Chaiyo" premiere the Preduce team went on a 10 days premiere tour across Thailand. Doing skate jams/demos and premieres in Chiang Rai, Lampang, Buriram and Ubon Rarchathani. Each of the demos and premieres were a blast with lots of skaters showing up to support. Just have to enjoy !


For their fourth full movie “T.A.Z.” which means Temporary Autonomy Zone the Gpsy Feelin’ boys focus on the riders’ life in a society that destroys him more than it helps him. To enjoy life, they need to create a bubble and build their own world far away from reality...


Gabriel Medina is the new breed of World Champion surfer. The next generation of surfing is fast and radical. Gabriel Medina and John John Florence are poised to take surfing to new heights in the air and beyond. Uprising is an action packed free surfing film focused on the best free surfing wave on the planet, aka Lower Trestles, and it’s destruction by World Champion Gabriel Medina and John John Florence.

Pro Tips

Améliorez votre niveau grâce aux conseils de pros ! Astuces, démos & tutos, devenez plus fort grâce à PRO TIPS !


BECAUSE follows 22 pro athletes through the deepest snow, biggest cliffs, and most intense adventure expiditions our cameras have seen. "Because" is a story-based, rich visual project of established riders along side the most anticipated upcoming athletes sharing insight to their athletic ambitions and motivational drive to acomplish the next achievement in their careers. BECAUSE provides non-stop freeski adventure entertainment through the performances mixed with the quest from the athletes and filmmakers alike.