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01:54 Indecision
03:33 Marzouk on All Fronts
05:19 Men Beneath Cowls
07:03 Nizar Qabbani
08:49 Nostalgia
10:33 Protectionless
12:07 Silks
13:39 Sirocco
15:19 Soft Thorns
17:07 Hulagu Khan
18:04 Indecision

Top programs

Nizar Qabbani

Nizar Qabbani brings to life the autobiography of one of the Arab World's most popular literary figures.

A Brave Man's End

Moufid "The Beast" is a simple but morally upright and courageous villager whose struggle with French colonialism make him a symbol of patriotism.

Tomorrow is a Better Day

This series revolves around a young man whose miserable, poverty-stricken life is turned inside out as he begins to fall in love with a wealthy but conceited young woman.


Kom Alhajar is a small village governed by a council of elders. Doghari is a councilman who attempts to rob the entire village of its wealth.

The Rainbow

A dedicated father nearing retirement age deals with the academic shortcomings of his oldest son.


This series explores the lives of a group of women of varying social backgrounds and the manner in which they deal with divorce, desire, child-bearing and abuse.

Dust Brothers - Season 1

This historical drama series explores the events of the 20th century in Arabia i.e. the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the end of the Caliphate, the march of Arab armies towards Syria in 1918 and the French invasion of Sham and Syria in 1920.

The Beauty of Spirit

A pan-Arab romantic drama series examining the Arab Spring through the lens of two couples i.e. a Syrian couple creating a documentary about the Syrian Civil War and a couple composed of a Lebanese woman and Egyptian man who are attempting to decipher the truth about the Lebanese Civil War.