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01:34 Simba The King Lion
02:30 Karl
02:36 Om Nom Stories
02:42 Christopher Columbus
03:06 Om Nom Stories
03:12 Karl
03:20 Christopher Columbus
03:44 Om Nom Stories
03:52 Creepie
04:14 Sissi
04:41 Om Nom Stories

Top programs

The Traffic Cones

The Traffic Cones are funny and endearing characters that find themselves in unpleasant situations, captivating a universal audience. The series is created using traditional animation in the line of cartoons from the animation cinema of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Simba The King Lion

The Lion King is shot by poachers in the presence of his three cubs as part of Shere Khan the Bengal tiger's plot to overthrow the king from his throne. Young Simba - son of the Lion King - suspects something strange, and subconsciously senses that the Tiger will one day be his greatest enemy. Simba and his two sisters are adopted into a wolfpack (the same pack that had previously raised Mowgly the man-cub). The wolves and the other animals of the Jungle will teach our friends everything they need to know.

Om Nom Stories

Dive into amazing adventures with new characters from the famous game, Cut the Rope.


Elizabeth is 15 and a half, she loves animals and her large family. She looks like many other girls, yet she is a free spirit and a princess, nicknamed by everyone Sissi. One day, the mother of the emperor called her sister to marry his son. Sissi was with them... and the emperor remains dazzled by her. This is the way one of the most romantic stories of all times began. Torn between her home at Possi Castle and the Schönbrunn Palace, Sissi has troubles following the rules of court and earning the love of her future mother-in-law. But even in hard times, she can rely on Franz and his great love.


Little JONNY loves eating junk food from time to time. Lucky him having a healthy hero inside his mind called KARL - a powerful (and clumsy) hero made of fruits. His mission is to help JONNY staying away from daily junk food temptations, represented by cool gruesome junk food monsters.

The Legend of Zorro

This movie was edited starting by our animated series reviving a younger version of the well-known favourite hero that also introduces “Little Zorro” and friends. Zorro— the masked avenger — aids the oppressed and punishes the wicked, leaving them with his mark of ‘Z’, slashed by his sword. In truth, Zorro is none other than 18-year-old Don Diego de la Vega, scion of the local gentry.