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17:09 Jordania, Petra and the Nabateans
18:02 Space Tomorrow
19:01 Journey to the Pale Red Dot
19:43 When the Egyptians Sailed the Red Sea
21:17 Journey with Crocodiles
22:08 Okavango
23:00 Space Tomorrow

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The creators of "Numbers" documentary focused on five numbers that have led to new discoveries in the realm of math and also propelled civilization forward. The numbers "π," "∞," "x," "0," "i" were invented through efforts of scholars in their pure pursuit of knowledge and represent a crowning achievement of intelligence. This documentary will illustrate the beauty of mathematics and its intrinsic meaning.

Cheetahs of the Sea

Short-finned pilot whales are known as the 'Cheetahs of the Sea' for their ability to dive at high speed to hundreds of metres in search of prey. This film documents the lives of these highly sociable mammals and and reveals a complex social behavior which is unique to this species.

Chocolate is the New Black Gold

To offer as a Christmas gift, to fight our night cravings or even to lift our spirit, chocolate is a man’s best friend. A square or a bar of chocolate is a guilty pleasure hard to resist too! Chocolate is now flooding Asian countries, supermarkets like China, Japan or Korea. These new millions of consumers around the world raise an issue that no one had ever thought about: a cocoa shortage.

Global Junk Food

In Europe, food manufacturers have signed up to ‘responsibility pledges’, promising no added sugar, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours and not to target children. So why are they using tactics banned in the West in the developing world? There, they have created ultra low cost products with higher levels of salt, sugar and saturated fats. Filmed in Brazil, India and France, we investigate the new tactics of brands like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Domino’s Pizza and their role in the global obesity crisis.

Battle of Pride

In a remote area of northern Botswana, two lion brothers emerge victorious as undisputed rulers of a formidable pride after a ferocious battle for dominance. As the lions struggle to survive through a harsh drought, will the shortage of their main prey, buffalo, lead to the breakup of the pride or will the elephants of the area provide salvation?