Top programs

Wadima and Halima

The series show in a funny comedian way the life of two sisters Wadima and Halima who are enemies, and through showing the conflicts that happen between them we get to understand the life style and traditions in poor areas.

Sham Perfume

Through this series, we are transported to 1920s Damascus under the French Mandate. We are shown the extraordinary times of that era through a drama of love, war, fear, betrayal, courage and a struggle between good and evil.


An honest employee is wrongfully charged with corruption and is sent to prison. He decides to take revenge following his sentence's completion.

Collar Girls

This series gives us a glimpse in old Damascus during the French mandate through the love story of a young Syrian lady and a French soldier.


The show chronicles around the struggles the Syrians face on a daily basis, especially in Aleppo. It tells the story of a man who, after he had left, returns to Syria to try and make history.