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00:00 Dead Right
02:24 Diary of a Housewife
04:48 Disappearance
07:12 Girls’ Indulgence
09:36 Kalabsh
12:00 Nisr Elsaeed
14:24 Sunset Oasis
16:48 The President’s Shadow
19:12 To the Highest Bidder
21:36 Unfinished Business

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In a career where there is no place for fear, and with much courage and humanity, the officer Salim saves a child from death by killing one of the wanted men. The execution without a decision led to his transfer to the investigations department. As he is doing his duty Salim hits an escaping man so he dies. As Murder is considered a huge crime, what awaits Salim?

Diary of a Housewife

The series follows a married couple who work as journalists in the same place. An ideological conflict ensues between the couple after the 25th of January revolution, while the episodes reveal how they interact privately and publicly, and offer and observation of the patriarchal attitude of the “Eastern Man”.

Girls’ Indulgence

This comedy series addresses the issue of class distinctions from the perspective of two sisters. One of the sisters is working class while the other is part of the bourgeoisie which creates a variety of comical and ironic scenarios.

The President’s Shadow

The series revolves around the presidency, and political life in Egypt in the periods before the revolution of 25 January.

Nisr Elsaeed

The show chronicles around a man called Zein, who is played by Mohamed Ramadan. Zein goes into a deadly dispute with Hitler (Sayed Ragab). Zein, living in Southern Egypt, is a businessman whose work is illegal. As their conflict develops, each strives to bring down his opponent. Meanwhile, Zein finds himself falling in love with two women, one of which is his cousin.