Program guide

11:45 Flunkeblunk
12:00 Art Land
12:12 Crafty Hands
12:24 Yummy for Mummy
12:35 Karl - Special
12:46 Little Smart Planet
12:55 Super Geek Heroes
13:07 GivingTales
13:19 Flunkeblunk
13:30 Karl - Special
13:36 Art Land

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Enjoy engaging and entertaining versions of Hans Christian Andersen's classic and charming fairy tales for children, read out loud by world-class celebrities!

Yummy for Mummy

Try out new recipes and learn English with kids cooking something really yummy for their mummies.

Art Land

Art Land is the program that helps to supply Basic English vocabulary and contribute to developing creativity and fine motor skills.

Crafty Hands

Little inventors will be able to enrich their vocabulary and make a toy for their very own collection.