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02:27 Cities of the World
03:15 Cultural Flavours
04:04 Curious?
04:52 Everyday Elements
05:39 Festivals of the World
06:28 Food Stories
07:16 Inside Outer Space
08:03 Inside Things
08:51 Mindworks
09:39 More Curious?
10:27 Rethink

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Inside Outer Space

Come with us as we explore and unravel the mysteries of what lies beyond our planet Earth. This is a series packed with space stories and information about our universe covering what we can see, how we can live in space and what science tells us about the past and the future as we journey inside out of space.

Inside Things

The basic nuts and bolts of how things work is explained simply by exploring the natural world as well as the man made inventions that we come in contact with every day or across our lives. We take the lid off, cut things open and pull apart devices that we have come to rely on as well as the man made and natural systems that surround us all.


In a world where nothing is what it seems, sometimes you just need to take a step back And take a second look. Discover the weird, quaint and downright bizarre and take the time to re-think. In each episode we are presented with 4 illuisions from the worlds of art, science, psychology and magic that we are guided through to experience their effect in order to then understand how they work. Each episode ends by celebrating a famous thinker, someone who was part of the design and challenge of the way we see the world.

Ancient Grains

When you open your pantry, do images of the rugged mountains of South America, the colorful tablelands of Africa and the fertile river valleys of the Middle East dance before your eyes? If not, you have yet to discover amaranth, quinoa, spelt, kamut and teff, the quintet of nutritional powerhouses known as the ancient grains. The legends behind their origins many millennia past, their loss over time and their ultimate modern revival - literally tell the story of civilization.