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Fine Tuned / Season 01 / Episode 01

The Pilot

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Steven initially emailed Fine Tuned, letting us know how much he loved his 2005 Nissan 350Z along with a laundry list of modifications that he wished he could make to his car. I emailed him back letting him know that I had received many submissions like his and that I wanted him to submit a video that explained to me why his situation was different than the rest of the guys and girls out there. A week later after I received his DVD submission, I knew that Steven was the perfect candidate to become FINE TUNED. On the DVD, Steven explained that he woke up every day at 5am to work (2) jobs back-to-back while taking a full course load at San Diego State University in order to pursue his goal of being a fighter pilot for the Marines one day. How many 21 year-olds can we say that about these days? All Steven could talk about was how he wanted to serve his country and how he wanted to honor his father for teaching him and raising him to be such a dedicated and hard worker. He explained how he was an Eagle Scout when he was younger (only 1% of all scouts become an Eagle Scout) and where he had already received an accreditation from both West Point. That was all we needed to hear, Steven was the perfect Golden Boy, and embodied everything we felt young people should be in this modern age of slackers! Once we surprised him at his parents house the day after Thanksgiving, Steven proved to be everything I saw on that DVD he submitted. He was polite, courteous and knew everything about cars! To this day, there isn’t a week that goes by where I don’t get a call from Steven telling me about some cool car he saw on the road or about the newest gadget or after-market part that was just released.


Producer Below The Radar Entertainment
Director Ian Bounds
Cast Tyson Beckford
Origin USA
Year 2007