Resolution 720 x 576 mp4
Ratio 1.25:1
Screen 4/3 screen

Bounty Tracker

87' Italian SD
Ref. 996951Available Italy OnlyAll Connected Devices

The staff in a tax consultant office is brutally murdered by a team of professional killers. Only Paul Damone escapes. Paul didn’t know that his partner, Greco, used to launder money for gangster, and was to testify as a chief witness at his upcoming trial. Paul’s brother, Johnny, is the best bounty tracker in Boston. He visit’s Paul, only to find his brother’s house surrounded by police assigned to protect him. When those who don’t want him to testify kill Paul, Johnny tracks down the killers.


Producer Pierre David
Director Kurt Anderson
Cast Lorenzo Lamas, Whip Hubley
Origin United States of America
Year 1993