Resolution 720 x 576 mp4
Ratio 1.25:1
Screen 4/3 screen

Open Fire

90' Italian SD
Ref. 996997Available Italy OnlyAll Connected Devices

Mastermind and terrorist leader Stein Kruger is serving time in prison.  On the other side of town, ex-FBI agent McNeil is resigned after his partner was killed in a hostage situation.  Kruger’s mercenary buddies try to break their leader out from prison, enraging McNeil.  The mercenaries take over a factory, demanding $10 million in uncut diamonds as ransom.  The authorities meet his demand, but Kruger doesn’t release two of the hostages – including McNeil’s father


Producer Pierre David
Director Kurt Anderson
Cast Jeff Wincott, Mimi Craven, Patrick Kilpatrick
Origin United States of America
Year 1994