Resolution 1920 x 1080 mp4
Ratio 1.77:1
Screen 16/9 screen
Bugged / Season 01 / Episode 05


7' No dialog FULLHD
Ref. 1096282Available Middle East and North AfricaMobile, IPTV and OTT

Murphy attempts to trap Puck with a pair of handcuffs. One end is already clasped to Murphy's wrist when he slyly approaches Puck. But he accidentally snaps the other cuff to... El Roacho. Puck nabs the keys and darts away. Murphy and El Roacho, cuffed together, race after Puck while they desperately try to break the links between them. They are successively flattened, electrocuted and even encapsulated.


Producer Mobibase
Director Franck Demolliere
Origin France
Year 2009