Resolution 1920 x 1080 mp4
Ratio 1.77:1
Screen 16/9 screen
Bugged / Season 01 / Episode 16

United we fall

7' No dialog FULLHD
Ref. 1096305Available Middle East and North AfricaMobile, IPTV and OTT

El Roacho and Murphy are fighting as usual to capture Puck. Murphy manages to get Puck in a capsule, but it ends up slipping from his grasp and rolls to Ralph's feet who quickly swallows him. El Roacho and Murphy want to retrieve the precious capsule from Ralph's belly. But neither Murphy nor Ralph are big enough to face down Ralph. The two enemies decide to join forces and trap Ralph as a team.


Producer Mobibase
Director Franck Demolliere
Origin France
Year 2009