Resolution 1920 x 1080 mp4
Ratio 1.77:1
Screen 16/9 screen
Bugged / Season 01 / Episode 33


7' No dialog FULLHD
Ref. 1096291Available Middle East and North AfricaMobile, IPTV and OTT

With Clint's help, Murphy cobbles together a new weapon, 'the Schlingator'. This sends out a terrible nauseating gas. Thanks to the Schlingator, Murphy and Clint are able to asphyxiate and capture Puck. While the two colleagues celebrate the event in Murphy's trailer, they fall asleep at nightfall. But suddenly Clint starts to sleepwalk and walks around with the capsule containing Puck.


Producer Mobibase
Director Franck Demolliere
Origin France
Year 2009