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upBEAT / Season 01 / Episode 12

Maurice Kirya

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Maurice Kirya is a Ugandan musician and actor.Maurice is a multiple award winning artist.His style of Music is called 'Mwooyo' a Luganda word for soul.he Album was an instant success selling both locally and internationally. It was the same album that won Maurice the 2010 RFI Discoveries award across Africa beatig over 500 musicians. He toured over 35 Countries and 40 Cities across Africa, Europe and America in 2011. He holds multiple accolades inclusive of the RFI Award (France), E-World Music Awards (LA), Museke Music Awards (New York), KORA Award, KISIMA Awards (Kenya), PAM awards (Uganda). He has grown to be an inspiration and mentor to many young Ugandan and African musicians.


Producer Mobibase
Cast Eddy Kavai
Origin Kenya
Year 2015