Resolution 1280 x 720
Ratio 1.77:1
Screen 16/9 screen

Peace And Left II

27' No dialog HD
Ref. 769982Available WorldWeb, Mobile, IPTV

Peace and Left II, the new movie about basque french freesurfer Hugues Oyarzabal... This 32 min movie is about Hugues' long journey in indo in 2010, more or less 5 monthes of trip; tripping with his wife Jana, his dad and his best friends... And sometimes alone with only a gopro cam in the left hand, this is the result of everybody's motivation who helped in this project.


Producer Hugues Orarzabal
Director Hugues Oyarzabal
Cast Agus Setiawan, Alik Rudiarta, Alvaro Malpartida, Antoine Cardonnet, Florian Martinel, Hugues Oyarzabal, Made Lampur, Made Lana, Magnum Martinez, Tristan Guilbaud, Warren Metcalfe.
Origin France
Year 2011