Resolution 1024 x 576 mp4
Ratio 1.77:1
Screen 16/9 screen
I Got a Rocket / Season 01 / Episode 29

Advinnies in Rocketsitting

12' English SD
Ref. 783330 Upon Request

Vinnie and Rocket are excited to get the latest gaming console. Meanwhile, Crystal is thrilled to be spending a girlsí night out. But when Prof Q accidentally radiates himself, everyoneís plans are seemingly ruined now that Crystal has to babysit Vinnie and Rocket. When she decides to continue her plans, taking Vinnie and Rocket along, they end up ruining her evening, that s, until they save her car from certain destruction. Now realising the value of family, she tries to get Vinnieís game console, but they may be too late.


Producer SLR Productions
Director Glenn Kirkpatrick
Cast Thomas Bromhead, Jamie Oxenbould, Marcello Fabrizi, Drew Forsythe, Trilby Glover
Origin Australia
Year 2007