Resolution 1280 x 720 mp4
Ratio 1.77:1
Screen 16/9 screen

Falling Angels

30' English HD
Ref. 663619Available WorldMobile, IPTV, OTT

Three young and adventurous female B.A.S.E. jumpers have made a plan in order to fulfill their dream of jumping the highest waterfall on earth. Deep in the Venezuelan jungle, for the first time ever, three incredible women hiked for 6 days, up the “Auyantepuy”, the mountain where the world famous and tallest waterfall drops down with the unique goal of jumping off the top of the falls. This ocean of dense impenetrable forest makes it a difficult spot to reach, and even more complicated for an expedition like this. Because of the difficult access and the limitations imposed by permits due to the fragility of the area not many B.A.S.E. jumpers frequent Angel Falls. For a jumper the challenges are even more awe-inspiring. In addition to making sure that one has a good exit and moves away from the wall in free fall to open the parachute safely, the particularity of this spot adds several other factors. Reaching the landing area is of highest priority due to the inhospitable forest on the steep slope surrounding the waterfall. Doing this requires advanced skills and accuracy, skills that these girls have acquired through years of practice within the sport. The spot in itself is magical. The water from Angel Falls free falls for more than 800 m, before reaching the bottom where it transforms into a mist, feeding the nearby jungle and the dark waters of the Carrao River. This movie shows us their journey.


Producer Xtreme Sports Crush
Director Ana Isabel Dao
Cast Anniken Binz, Ana Isabel Dao, Livia Dickie
Origin Venezuala, France, Spain
Year 2009