Resolution 1920 x 1080 mp4
Ratio 1.77:1
Screen 16/9 screen
Fine Tuned / Season 01 / Episode 04

The Mighty Thor

45' English FULLHD
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Thor, yes that’s his real name, is typical of many guys and girls within the ‘Tuner’ world (and for that matter, the automotive world) in that he owned an amazing car with aspirations of making it into a one-of-a-kind performance car, the one problem, the car was up on blocks in his drive way and he was simply out of money…a universal theme within the restoration community. Thor’s 1995 MX-7 was mean and lean, but had been sitting on blocks for just over 2 years; his parents would grate at his nerves asking him repeatedly, “when are you going to get that out of our driveway?” For years Thor had no answer for them since the job he had was just enough to pay his own bills. Like many within this age group, Thor had only one place to turn, FINE TUNED. He wrote to us letting us know that he didn’t even have enough money for a video submission so all he could do was email pictures begging us to help him before his Dad sold his car to a junkyard. The day we surprised Thor, we had arrived at his house but learned that he had left for work early; not to be defeated we decided to simply kidnap him from work (with his Boss’s approval of course). After stealing him from work we got a chance to look at the RX-7 up close and personal and realized that it wasn’t running, this was a first for Fine Tuned. Again, not to be discouraged we flat-bedded the RX-7 and brought it back to Fine Tuned headquarters and tuned it into what to date has been our favorite car. The RX-7 is truly a one of kind car with probably one of the most creative and possibly expensive paint jobs one will ever see.


Producer Mobibase
Director Ian Bounds
Cast Tyson Beckford
Origin USA
Year 2007