Resolution 1920 x 1080 mp4
Ratio 1.77:1
Screen 16/9 screen
Fine Tuned / Season 01 / Episode 05

Beat Tom!

45' English FULLHD
Ref. 619286Available WorldMobile, IPTV, OTT

When I received Jeff’s submission I almost didn’t believe that a 21 year-old kid could produce a submission video this professionally made. It turned out that one of his friend’s was a film major and that they had spent 2 days working on filming and editing it together for FINE TUNED. Throughout the entire submission, Jeff repeated over again that all he wanted was to turn his aging 1997 BMW M3 into a performance car so that he could beat his best-friend Tom (who has a similar car) just once in a race. I think most car people all have a friend who continually beats them ever time they race, so much so that most of us have become obsessed with shutting that friend up once and for all, no matter what it took. For that reason alone, along with the fact that anyone who has gone through this much trouble to make such an extraordinary submission should get the opportunity to get their car Fine Tuned. As our first European Fine Tuned car, I knew we had to go above and beyond in making Jeff’s M3 into not only a high-performance car while also taking the aesthetics to a different level in terms of paint, suspension, interior and audio. Jeff’s couldn’t stop screaming his head off, and Tom, well Tom was heart-broken.


Producer Mobibase
Director Ian Bounds
Cast Tyson Beckford
Origin USA
Year 2007