Resolution 1920 x 1080 mp4
Ratio 1.77:1
Screen 16/9 screen
AI Football GGO / Season 01 / Episode 26

Forever Partners

23' English FULLHD
Ref. 767817Available Middle East & North Africa OnlyWeb, Mobile, OTT, IPTV

Myth finally scores the winning goal and Team Barefoot is through to the final stage of the qualifying tournament! Unfortunately Shawn now has to leave the team. Mike, controller of Team Mirror, appears and tells Isaac that it's difficult to find a good partner and that while he has a chance, he should try and persuade Shawn to stay. After hearing this, Isaac rushes to the airport. At the same time, Shawn who is at the airport, sees an interview where Tyrant trashes Team Barefoot. Not willing to leave his teammates at this time, he makes the decision to stay on and continue with the competition. Team Barefoot are delighted to still be able to play together, and the five of them head to the pitch to watch the 3rd place match. They find a relatively relaxed atmosphere, both teams enjoying playing GGO and hence playing very good-to-watch football. Isaac thinks of a way that might enable them to play Tyrant and win.


Producer Puzzle Animation Studio Ltd.
Director Gordon Chin
Origin China
Year 2010