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Rivals / Season 01 / Episode 03

Episode 03

46' English SD
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How auspicious that Vera’s adopted daughter, Chloe, ends up buying some hard-to-find fabrics from Gelai’s store. This leads to Chloe’s agreement to show Gelai’s designs to her mother for a second chance of gaining employment. Alas! A misunderstanding on Vera’s part makes her mistake Gelai’s designs for Chloe’s. Chloe goes along, starved as she is for her mother’s approval. But Gelai quickly learns about the fraud and confronts both Chloe and Vera. In the interim, Victoria becomes a threat to Vera when she tries to penetrate the fashion designers guild of which Vera is president. Manuel pleads for Victoria to give way. But Victoria naturally rebuffs her estranged father’s request. Vera then tries to run over Victoria in retaliation. But Victoria is pushed out of harm’s way at the last minute. Could her rescuer be none other than Gelai?


Producer Mobibase
Director Nuel Crisostomo Naval , Mae Czarina Cruz
Cast Bea Alonzo , Gretchen Barretto , Angel Aquino , Derek Ramsay , Erich Gonzales , Enchong Dee
Origin Philippines
Year 2010