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Ratio 1.33:1
Screen 4/3 screen
Rivals / Season 01 / Episode 13

Episode 13

46' English SD
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Manuel asks for Victoria’s forgiveness for his sins of the past and Victoria gives him two seemingly unworkable conditions: firstly, that Manuel breaks up with Vera. And, secondly, that Manuel returns the mother and sister Victoria lost. Vera tries to apologize to Manuel and the latter likewise gives Vera an ostensibly hopeless condition – for Vera to resolve her differences with Victoria. Wanting to prove her sincerity, Vera turns over the presidency of FDGP to Victoria without a fight. This effectively robs Victoria of the satisfaction of humiliating Vera in a landslide election. In the meantime, Louie receives the ring Victoria returned. He sells it to a friend and asks Gelai out afterwards. Is this an indication that he is ready to move on?


Producer Mobibase
Director Nuel Crisostomo Naval , Mae Czarina Cruz
Cast Bea Alonzo , Gretchen Barretto , Angel Aquino , Derek Ramsay , Erich Gonzales , Enchong Dee
Origin Philippines
Year 2010