26 episodes

Creepie — Growing Up Creepie is a show about a girl named Creepie who grew up in Dweezwold Mansion after she was left on the doorstep. The inhabitants of Dweezwold Mansion are not exactly what you would call normal. Creepie's adopted mother and father are a praying mantis and mosquito named Caroleena and Vinnie. She has two brothers named Gnat and Pauly. Pauly is a Pillbug and Gnat is, well you figure it out. Caroleena and Vinnie decide to send Creepie to middle school, where she will interact with humans for the first time. In middle school she meets new friends like Budge and Chris-Alice Hollyruller. She also meets resident heart-throb Harry Helby and mean girls Melanie and Carla. She has to learn how to survive with these new "specimens" in her life while still staying true to her buggy upbringing. But being raised by bugs makes her the weird kid at school. She must keep her bug family a secret. Except for a few trusted friends, no one can know Creepie's secret. If her secret gets out, she will be forced to live somewhere else and Dweezwold Mansion will be fumigated.

Season 01