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Destined Hearts / Season 01 / Episode 03

Episode 03

45' English SD
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Twenty years have passed and it is paradoxical how the lives of siblings Ella and Denise and brothers Miguel and Alfred are interrelated. First, it is Miguel who gets accepted into law school when his passion is really singing. And it is his brother, Alfred, who fails to make it when he desperately wants to be a lawyer to help free their father from prison. Similarly, the Alferos family is celebrating Ella’s acceptance into law school while Denise has to furtively attend an audition for a musical because of Patricia’s palpable disapproval of a musical career for her daughter. Now that the bar exam is coming up, would Ella and Miguel finally meet?


Producer Star Creatives
Director Jerry Lopez Sineneng , Rechie Del Carmen
Cast Kristine Hermosa , Jericho Rosales , Lorna Tolentino , Gabby Concepcion , John Estrada , Chin Chin Gutierrez , Karylle , Sid Lucero
Origin Philippines
Year 2009