Destined Hearts

25 episodes

Destined Hearts — How important is it to pay back a debt of gratitude to the family who took you in and made everything possible for you to succeed?

Ella and Miguel were adopted by well-to-do families as kids. Ella Alferos is now a lawyer in a private law firm while Miguel Ramirez defends his penniless clients in the public defenders office.

But despite their privileged upbringing, both Ella and Miguel feel something amiss. For in the troubled childhood, they became each other's source of strength.

They find each other but the joyful reunion uncovers painful family connections that set their respective parents against one other. Add the fact that Miguel's brother, Red, fancies Ella. And Ella's sister, Denise, has long been in love with Miguel.

It is their love that triggers a slew of family conflicts culminating in a secret so explosive, it threatens to destroy everything in its path. Would you fight for love knowing it would mean the destruction of the family you are indebted to?

Season 01