Resolution 768 x 576 mp4
Ratio 1.33:1
Screen 4/3 screen
Destined Hearts / Season 01 / Episode 08

Episode 08

45' English SD
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Mayong kidnaps his own kids for fear he won’t see them again if Patty wins custody of their children. Patty does not report Mayong to the police and it is up to Ella and Miguel to search for Mayong and the missing kids. But they walk into a trap and end up locked inside an abandoned storeroom where they get the chance to know each other better. It is Red and Denise who join forces to rescue them. In the meantime, the caretaker of Gumamela Park tells Miguel of seeing a girl with a pink cap hanging around the park and wanting to meet him. Has Angel finally found Miguel?


Producer Star Creatives
Director Jerry Lopez Sineneng , Rechie Del Carmen
Cast Kristine Hermosa , Jericho Rosales , Lorna Tolentino , Gabby Concepcion , John Estrada , Chin Chin Gutierrez , Karylle , Sid Lucero
Origin Philippines
Year 2009