Resolution 768 x 576 mp4
Ratio 1.33:1
Screen 4/3 screen
Destined Hearts / Season 01 / Episode 13

Episode 13

45' English SD
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Patricia orders Carlos to get rid of Jess but he fails. Jess then learns of Patricia’s involvement and blackmails her for 20 million. In the meantime, Ryan helps Red discover Denise’s scheme to keep Ella and Miguel apart. But Denise explains to an enraged Red that Ella is none other than Miguel’s long-lost childhood friend, Angel. She reasons the two will become inseparable once they learn of each other’s identity. What will happen when Red also realizes there is some truth to Denise’s hunch? The woman he loves and his brother are falling for each other. Would he still tell the truth or will he keep silent instead?


Producer Star Creatives
Director Jerry Lopez Sineneng , Rechie Del Carmen
Cast Kristine Hermosa , Jericho Rosales , Lorna Tolentino , Gabby Concepcion , John Estrada , Chin Chin Gutierrez , Karylle , Sid Lucero
Origin Philippines
Year 2009