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Ratio 1.33:1
Screen 4/3 screen
Destined Hearts / Season 01 / Episode 18

Episode 18

46' English SD
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Miguel pays Ella a visit and Jaime practically makes Ella choose between her boyfriend and her family. Ella tries to make Miguel understand the debt of her gratitude to the Aragon/Alferos family. Miguel does not heed Ella’s plea and is all set to remain outside her house overnight if need be. But Red arrives and insists on taking his brother home. Speaking of Red, Denise admits to him that her accident is not self-inflicted but the result of driving under the influence of alcohol. Alas! Ella hears her sister’s confession and she quickly returns to Miguel to make amends. The couple subsequently decides to hide away in a friend’s rest house to take a break from everything. Will they run off for good or will they decide to come back to their families after all?


Producer Star Creatives
Director Jerry Lopez Sineneng , Rechie Del Carmen
Cast Kristine Hermosa , Jericho Rosales , Lorna Tolentino , Gabby Concepcion , John Estrada , Chin Chin Gutierrez , Karylle , Sid Lucero
Origin Philippines
Year 2009