Resolution 768 x 576 mp4
Ratio 1.33:1
Screen 4/3 screen
Destined Hearts / Season 01 / Episode 23

Episode 23

45' English SD
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The Aragons may have withdrawn their case against Ricardo but the case against their company remains. Patricia blackmails Daniel into helping her by threatening to expose a video clip that could prove he killed Jess. Daniel then provides pertinent information that enables Patricia to intimidate a key witness. Miguel still leaves a gift for Ella for their supposed first month anniversary even if they have parted ways. He then heads to the nearest bar where Denise tries to offer herself to no avail. Miguel shortly gets hurt trying to protect Ella from some misguided Marilag residents. Speaking of Marilag residents, Jaime goes to visit Ricardo’s daughter where he accidentally finds out Tessa bore a child. Will Tessa admit that Jaime is the father of her missing daughter?


Producer Star Creatives
Director Jerry Lopez Sineneng , Rechie Del Carmen
Cast Kristine Hermosa , Jericho Rosales , Lorna Tolentino , Gabby Concepcion , John Estrada , Chin Chin Gutierrez , Karylle , Sid Lucero
Origin Philippines
Year 2009