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Ratio 1.33:1
Screen 4/3 screen
She-Wolf The Last Sentinel / Season 01 / Episode 03

Episode 03

47' English SD
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Leon wants Emil to join “Luna”, a special force of the army that aims to destroy the race of werewolves. But Emil refuses to use his brilliance as a biochemist in such endeavors for he believes that all kinds of creatures have the right to live in this world. But Leon reveals that other than recruiting him, his team is also hunting for a werewolf which is rumored to be on the loose in San Adolfo. Emil denies this as mere hearsay. That night however, Emil witnesses Nessa’s transformation once again as they both meet in the forest to test the antidote he made for her, not knowing that someone is hiding on top of a tree! Worse, Ulay wakes up with her mother gone and goes out in search of her. Jay-Jay tags along while Anton trails after them. By the time the trio hear the wolf’s cry, the injected cure is already taking a violent effect on Nessa while Emil struggles in its wake. Alerted by the noise, Leon deploys his team to find its location just when they are about to leave the area. He was told that more werewolves were spotted in another town. On the other hand, Minyong gets shocked as he witnesses Nessa’s deadly transformation and Emil’s fall at an unseen pit! Jay-Jay reaches the spot but he was too late to save his father. Then the wolf makes its escape again.


Producer Star Creatives
Director Cathy Garcia-molina , Jerry Lopez Sineneng
Cast Angel Locsin , Piolo Pascual
Origin Philippines
Year 2008