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Ratio 1.33:1
Screen 4/3 screen
She-Wolf The Last Sentinel / Season 01 / Episode 06

Episode 06

46' English SD
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Lyka has a huge crush on Noah and she is forthright about wanting to be the young man’s friend. Meanwhile, a party is in full swing at Lady Elle’s mansion to welcome Dr. Selena Argos to the House of Elle. She is supposed to oversee product development in an undisclosed laboratory. But Noah becomes suspicious when he finds out Selena’s expertise is veterinary medicine. Actually, Noah is right. The party is a cover up for a meeting of the highest echelon of human wolves - the Council of Waya. It turns out that the extinction of their race is imminent the night of the ascension of the red moon. Their only hope is the Stone of Remus - a weapon so potent, it can only be wielded by someone who is equally powerful - the Last Sentinel. Lady Elle believes Lyka to be this Last Sentinel.


Producer Star Creatives
Director Cathy Garcia-molina , Jerry Lopez Sineneng
Cast Angel Locsin , Piolo Pascual
Origin Philippines
Year 2008