Resolution 768 x 576 mp4
Ratio 1.33:1
Screen 4/3 screen
She-Wolf The Last Sentinel / Season 01 / Episode 19

Episode 19

46' English SD
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Lyka leaves Noah to get some breakfast when Gabby and her men arrest Noah. It is a good thing Noah was able to send a message out to Andrew earlier so that Lyka is still returned safely to Manila. It is just sad that although Nessa was able to track Clara down to their new house, she misses Lyka by a few days. If truth be told, Clara refuses to take Lyka back but Anton overrules her decision. Lady Elle also hears of Lyka’s return and makes her report back to work. What will she do when she finds Lyka has the moonstone of her twin brother, Lorenzo? Could Lyka be Lorenzo’s missing family she has been searching for all this time?


Producer Star Creatives
Director Cathy Garcia-molina , Jerry Lopez Sineneng
Cast Angel Locsin , Piolo Pascual
Origin Philippines
Year 2008