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02:20 Om Nom Stories
02:34 Yoohoo & Friends
03:02 Karl
03:16 Yoohoo & Friends
03:44 Marcus Level
04:10 Om Nom Stories
04:21 Karl
04:33 Marcus Level
04:46 Yoohoo & Friends
05:14 Karl
05:38 Om Nom Stories

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Om Nom Stories

Dive into amazing adventures with new characters from the famous game, Cut the Rope.

The Thief of Bagdad

In this special, the “Thief of Baghdad” becomes friend to Prince Ahmed, whom he defends from the attacks of the Grand Vizier. The Grand Vizier controls the old sultan, wants to take the sultanate for himself and aspires to marry the princess. The Grand Vizier transforms the thief into a dog, but his human form will be restored, thanks to the magic of a Genie.

The Traffic Cones

The Traffic Cones are funny and endearing characters that find themselves in unpleasant situations, captivating a universal audience. The series is created using traditional animation in the line of cartoons from the animation cinema of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Marcus Level

When Marcus gets the latest version of his favorite video game, "Gorbar and the Valley of the Seven Light Towers", he tells himself that while his parents are gone during the weekend, he'll finally be able to explore all of its worlds.

Yoohoo & Friends

YooHoo & Friends is a story about a group of animals, mostly based on endangered species, who, along with their habitat Yootopia, where they grow the "Tree of Life", are at risk of extinction because of worsening environmental conditions. But when all the seeds are accidentally blown away to Earth, the group got accidentally sent down as well. Now being separated from their home, YooHoo and his friends must go on adventures to find the missing magical seeds of the Tree of Life, avoiding danger and receiving help from new friends made along the journey as they retrieve each green seed one by one.


Little JONNY loves eating junk food from time to time. Lucky him having a healthy hero inside his mind called KARL - a powerful (and clumsy) hero made of fruits. His mission is to help JONNY staying away from daily junk food temptations, represented by cool gruesome junk food monsters.